Improving Student

How Does the Digital Academy Improve Student Outcomes?

Students take ownership of their learning

  • Progress by topic and access to learning materials for each topic gives students contol of their learning
  • Immediate feedback that is easy to access speed the learning process
  • Gamified learning and Leaderboards make practicing skills more fun
  • Visual progress boards encourage mastery of a topic

Teachers spend more time helping students

  • Streamline Lesson Planning Using Pre-Built Tests, Questions, and Learning Activities
  • Spend less time grading with the SmartGrader
  • Easily provide feedback that reaches students where they are
  • Enhance Classroom Management using the LIVE Classroom

Administrators Support Teachers

  • Build and deploy standards-based curriculum that teachers can easily incorporate into daily lessons.
  • Build Standards-Based Summative and Formative Online Assessments that enable individualized learning plans
  • Set up and facilitate groups to share materials and foster ideas
  • Provide timely feedback on daily plans
  • Evaluate and distribute exemplar materials for use by teachers

With a focus on KEY COMPUTER SCIENCE Skills

  • Learn Programming and Computer Science with highly effective online courses
  • Create software and get instant feedback using the LogicBox Online Compiler
  • Practice & Compete nationally at